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IIR co-hosting high level conference on Resilience

The Institute of International Relations along with NATO Science for Peace and Security Program and the Finnish institute of International Affairs hosted two-day high level conference on the very current issue of Resilience. We are proud to work with so many notable persons and institutions. We strive to raise awareness about this topic and contribute to the evolving debate with our expertise.

Perception of safety and security has changed immeasurably in the last decade. Practitioners of hybrid warfare are often less intent on seizing and holding territory than destroying or disrupting the ability of governments to function. Experts argue that against hybrid threats alongside illegal immigrants, cyber-attacks, terrorism and other hazards, a military deterrent and response capability are necessary but not sufficient.

Faced with a variety of different risks, policy-makers have recognized that not all disasters can be averted, and security can never be fully achieved. This explains why resilience has assumed so much importance lately – it aims at being prepared and exercised to resist, recover and then adapt to adverse events.

That is why the Institute of International Relations, along with its partners, is eager to contribute to help building a resilient society that has the capacity to react and respond to various challenges.It is important to understand resilience, prepare for emergencies that might occur, share best practices and improve training and education.

Notable speakers

H.E. Jiří Šedivý Permanent Representative of the Czech Republic to NATO

H.E. Piritta Asunmaa Head of Mission, Mission of Finland to NATO

H.E. Helena Tuuri Ambassador of Finland to the Czech Republic

RADM Pete Gumataotao Deputy Chief of Staff, Strategic Plans & Policy, ACT

Sandro Calaresu Crisis Management and Planning Directorate, EEAS

Burcu San Sonumut Director for Preparedness, Operation Division, NATO

Mikael Wigell Senior Research Fellow, The Finnish Institute of International Affairs, Finland

Jamie Shea Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Emerging Security Challenges, NATO

Lorenz Meyer-Minnemann Head of Civil Preparedness Section, OPS, NATO

Daniel P. Bagge Head of Cyber Security Policies Department, National Cyber Security Center, Czech Republic

The full programme is here.

The conference report is here.