Intercultural and Interfaith Dialogue Conference

Trust is a necessary element to advance bilateral and multilateral relationships including long-distance trade, partnerships for social and environmental development, to give mutual responses to crises and preserve global peace. It is a great pleasure to host the conference with the outstanding experts, who will deliberate the "Building Trust Among Future Communities".

The sixth successive conference dedicated to the Intercultural and Interfaith dialogue, hosted by the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Institute of International Relations in cooperation with the Prague based Ambassadors of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation member states, and Anna Lindh Foundation; provides a platform to highlight the role of religion and interfaith dialogue in developing trust among future communities.
In times of anxiety and uncertainty in which we experience rising levels of populism, polarization and extremism on one side, and the increasing levels of religiosity on the other, it is important to highlight the pivotal ways that faith-based organizations and spiritual leaders can help in renewing trust in intercultural and diplomatic relations. On the other hand, it is essential to explore the instruments that civil society activists can use to build trust in state-society relations in cooperation with religious actors and organizations. 

The conference has three thematic pillars in addressing trust relationships and the role that interreligious dialogue plays in each:

1/ Building trust across different cultures in societies
2/ Building trust in diplomatic relations
3/ Building trust in state-society relations.

The conference will be taking place in Czernin Palace (the Ministery of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic) and will be also streamed live on our website.

To participate in person, a previous registration is mandatory. At the registration desk, the participants will be asked to prove their non-infectious state.