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International Law Reflection on the nuclear weapons ban convention

This year, there will be an international conference (March 27th – 31st and June 15th – July 7th) in the headquarters of the UN in New York. The conference will have a mandate to negotiate an agreement to ban nuclear weapons. Besides being attended by member states of the UN, the conference will be attended by representatives of some non-specified international organizations and civic society representatives. The conference will be held on the basis of a resolution „Taking Forward Nuclear Disarmament Negotiations" which calls on the world to achieve progress in just that area.

The negotiation and authorization of the treaty banning nuclear weapons should represent the first significant step in the long journey towards the comprehensive elimination of these weapons. The following supposedly rather long-term and difficult phase of the practical implementation of the treaty’s provisions to achieve an irreversible and transparent elimination, including the adoption of effective verification measures, will be feasible only with the participation of the nuclear weapons owners. Their political will and responsive measures in this direction will play a deciding role.

Full ILR reflection can be found here.