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The 2014 EP Election Campaign in the Member States: National Debates, European Elections

The new TEPSA report by Mirte van den Berge, which is based on contributions from various member states, focuses on the character of the electoral campaign before the elections to the European Parliament.

„The report focuses on the character of the electoral campaign; the topics discussed; the relevance of any alliance to party groups in the European Parliament in the national debates; and the role the European "Spitzenkandidaten" (the candidates nominated by the pan- European political parties for the post of the Commission President) played in the election campaigns in the member states.
The paper can be regarded as a preliminary attempt to explore whether or not the 2014 election campaigns have been substantially 'different' compared to before.“


Among the contributors was Daniela Chalániová, an IIR Associate Research Fellow.

About TEPSA and the IIR: The Trans-European Policy Studies Association (TEPSA) is the first trans-European research network. It consists of several leading research institutes in the field of European affairs located throughout Europe, and the IIR is one of its members.