The Logic of Strategic Inhumanity and the Cost of Publicism

In the new essay for New Perspectives, Ondrej Ditrych discusses the argument of Matthew Kroenig's The Logic of American Nuclear Strategy.

He finds it elegant, persuasive while inscribed with "a logic of strategic inhumanity desensitising the reading public to the terror of issuing more or less concealed threats to obliterate entire nations and destroy the living environment for millions of years, and instead passing off such politics of terror as legitimate statecraft." He also offers a broader reflection on the dilemmas of scholars entering the policy domain as authors of truth, logic and critique and adopting a position closer to either παρρησíα (parrhesia, frank speech) or – classically understood – rhetoric.

The essay can be accessed on the following link: Sage Journals

Dr. Ondrej Ditrych is the director of the Institute of International Relations Prague. His current research interests include terrorism and revolutionary violence in global politics, NATO and European security, ethnopolitical conflicts in the Postsoviet space and global trends and their forecasting.