Adapting the framework for strategic analysis to contemporary security environment

The contemporary security environment is characterised by shifting distribution of power, increased emphasis on access to and control of territory, and new threats at the sub-conventional level. Yet the concept of strategy has not taken these changes into account yet. The mistaken beliefs about strategy concerning the relationship between policy and strategy, ends-ways-means model of strategy formulation, and civil-military relations only further strengthen the need to modify our understanding of strategy. The proposed project asks how to do precisely that in order to make strategy more relevant and useful in the contemporary security environment. It will enable development of a dynamic understanding of strategy as a continuous process of adaptation and as a specific method of thought. The aim here is not to prevent strategic mistakes from occurring altogether, but to minimise their frequency instead. This will then enable both to adapt the logic of deterrence to new challenges and to update the existing analytical framework used during a development and formulation of strategy.

  • Provider: Czech Science Foundation / Grantová agentura České republiky (GAČR) 
  • Investigator: Matúš Halás
  • Research team (IIR): Matúš Halás
  • Solution time: 1. 1. 2020 - 30. 6. 2023