Diverse and Flexible Work Culture - Equal Opportunities at the Institute of International Relations, v. v. i.

The project works comprehensively to set up a transparent, sustainable and grounded system of flexible forms of work and a system for diversity and inclusion within the institution's working relationships.

Within the framework of the project, the IIR intends to focus on setting up and implementing a flexible work culture and a diverse and inclusive environment. Tools of this type significantly help employees to reconcile their personal and professional lives. The project will enable the institution to set up and formalise flexible working arrangements. Efficient and regular data collection will be set up to enable faster evaluation. The project will enable internal communication to be more technically sound and thus strengthen mutual trust in working relationships. The project will enable the digitisation of processes and the creation of a background for full hybrid working. A tailor-made internal training system will be developed for managers and mentors on how to lead flexible and diverse work teams in a fair way, so that they can effectively perform their work tasks, but at the same time respect individual differences and diversity of needs within the teams. The aim is also to prevent discriminatory behaviour and perceptions of unequal treatment on the employees' side. In this context, it is also about setting up and formalising an internal strategy to promote diversity and inclusion, establishing the position of Diversity, Gender and Inclusion Specialist(s) and thus improving the internal culture of the organisation. The target group of the project is the employees of the IIR.

  • Provider: Ministerstvo práce a sociálních věcí, Odbor realizace programů fondů EU – sociální inovace a rovné příležitosti (Operational Programme Emloyment) 
  • Project name: Diverse and Flexible Work Culture - Equal Opportunities at the Institute of International Relations, v.v.i. (Diverzitní a flexibilní pracovní kultura - rovné příležitosti v Ústavu mezinárodních vztahů, v.v.i.)
  • Registration number: CZ.03.01.02/00/22_012/0002070
  • Implementation period: 1. 8. 2023 - 31. 7. 2025