IIR Prague has received two projects from the Horizon Europe program

The IIR has received support for two projects from the prestigious Horizon Europe - European Commission program and will become part of two additional Europe-wide consortia.

The first project, entitled "States’ Practice of Human Rights Justification", will be coordinated by Federica Cristani on behalf of the IIR. The project aims to identify gaps in human rights regulations and protection. This will further underpin our recommendations to the EU in support of a multinational human rights system and promotion of transnational democratic governance.  

The second project, coordinated by Petr Kratochvíl on behalf of the IIR, is titled "ACTEU: Towards a New Era of Representative Democracy". Its aim is to find out how to measure political trust and to what extent it can be affected by polarizing issues, such as immigration, climate change, and gender. The project will create entirely new formats such as Youth Democracy Labs or Civil Society Network.  
Both projects will be kickstarted in just a few months, together with a third Horizon Europe project, “Reclaiming Liberal Democracy in Europe”, which we have won earlier. We will keep you posted about the newest outcomes.