New Issue of the Czech Journal of International Relations, Volume 58, No. 1.

The new issue of the Czech Journal of International Relations (58:1) has just been published. It includes two research articles, five forum contributions edited by Jan Kovář and Tomáš Weiss, and two book reviews. The issue is introduced by the editor-in-chief's vision for the future of CJIR.

The two full-length pieces aim to understand the various impacts of the Ukraine war. Michal Parízek (Charles University), in his paper Worldwide Media Visibility of NATO, the European Union, and the United Nations in Connection to the Russia-Ukraine War, skillfully analyses the media representation of the three large international organizations since the outbreak of the war. Presenting a rigorous large scale content analysis, Parízek illustrates the variations of the media visibility of these organizations and draws these back to theorize the connection between media visibility and scope of action.

The war in Ukraine is also the topic of Stephanie Winkler’s (Stockholm University) article U.S.-Chinese Strategic Competition and the Ukraine War: Implications for Asian-Pacific Security. Winkler asks how the war impacted Asian-Pacific security. Analyzing hundreds of pieces of qualitative data, she posits that though it may seem that the war has drawn attention away from Asia, it has in fact exacerbated the security dilemma between the United States and China in the Asia-Pacific.

Besides these two articles, Issue 1 of 2023 also offers a Forum on the Czech Presidency in the Council of the European Union and two book reviews. The presidency came at a complicated time of conflict at the EU’s borders, which was accompanied by an unprecedented energy crisis and a subsequent cost of living crisis. We ask how the Czech representatives fared under these conditions, and offer a variety of answers from some of the foremost scholars in the field. Oldřich Bureš (Metropolitan University Prague) and Monika Sus (Polish Academy of Science) investigate the external security policy dimension of the presidency, Martin Jirušek (Masaryk University) and Izabella Surwillo (Danish Institute of International Studies) consider the presidency’s role in achieving energy security for the EU and Ivo Šlosarčík (Charles University), together with Sonja Priebus (European University Viadrina), reflects on the Czech handling of the rule of law in the union. The Forum is edited by Jan Kovář (Institute of International Relations Prague) and Tomáš Weiss (Charles University).

The book reviews were written by Matěj Boček (University of West Bohemia) and Evgeny Romanovskiy (Charles University).