A Workshop on Academic Publishing with the Czech Journal of International Relations Editorial Board Members

The Czech Journal of International Relations (CJIR) invites primarily PhD students to a workshop on academic writing and publishing. The workshop will allow PhD researchers to gain novel insights into how the review process in an academic journal works and what the expectations of journal editors are. They will also receive informal feedback on their drafts from the members of the CJIR Editorial Board (among others, Ioannis Armakolas, Oldřich Bureš, Vincenc Kopeček, Šárka Waisová, Tomáš Weiss, and Štěpánka Zemanová).

25. 3. 2021 (0:00)


The workshop will take place in an online form via MS Teams or Zoom. The papers will be divided into smaller sections led by members of the CJIR Editorial Team and Editorial Board according to their thematic and/or theoretical expertise. While more advanced papers will be given preference, it is open also to those who want to present extended abstracts outlining their ideas for future papers. The feedback and discussion will focus on the argument of the paper and the form of its delivery as well as on the formal requirements. Due to the general nature of the provided feedback, the workshop is open to all contributions, not necessarily only those intended for publication in the CJIR. However, we will be happy to work further with the authors of promising drafts and support them in submitting their articles to the CJIR.

In order to allow us enough time to prepare structured comments, please send us your drafts or abstracts to daniel@iir.cz no later than on 7 March. The workshop capacity is limited, and preference will be given to those who send their materials in advance.

The Czech Journal of International Relations (CJIR) is a peer-reviewed quarterly that publishes International Relations (IR) scholarly work in Czech, Slovak and English, and also research based in other disciplines if its contribution is relevant for IR. The journal’s scope is not theoretically or geographically limited, yet it aspires to promote research that is pertinent to Central Europe (broadly conceived). Thus, the CJIR is the right place for publications about the international relations of Central Europe, European security, and European integration. Furthermore, the journal wishes to cultivate the general theoretical and empirical debate on international topics that resonate strongly in the Central European context, such as the renewed great power competition, small states, climate change, and migration in any part of the globe.


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