Geopolitics of Global Catholicism: Politics of Religion in Space and Time

In his latest publication, our senior researcher Petr Kratochvíl uncovers the key trends in today’s Catholicism, providing an incisive analysis of its deep entanglement with national, regional, as well as global politics.

This book offers an exciting exploration of five versions of local Catholicism(s) and sheds light on the various theo-political constellations that not only differ widely across these national contexts but also have global geopolitical consequences.

It will be officially presented to the professional public at the Gregorian University in Rome - but it has already received a response in the world: The chairman of the research section on religion and politics of the International Association of Political Science (IPSA), Professor Giorgio Shani, described the work as "groundbreaking", and the former president of the European Academy of Religion, Professor Jocelyne Cesari, says about the book "will become essential reading for anyone interested in the relationship between religion, politics and global dynamics".

If you would like to learn more about the book and its reviews, you can visit the links below.

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