The Communication of Expertise as a Means of Strengthening Societal Resilience in the Postfactual Era (CURIE)

The 21st century challenges require effective communication of scientific expertise vis-à-vis state institutions and the public. CURIE 1) develops a set of tools for effective communication of scientific expertise, 2) tests these tools in pilot deliverables (analytical studies on subjects relevant for Czech foreign policy in the environment of increased insecurity due to COVID-19) and 3) presents a comprehensive strategy of expertise communication for general use. In meeting these objectives, CURIE will contribute to more competent public policy, building public trust in state institutions and the institutions producing expert knowledge, and thereby to increasing societal resilience necessary for managing current risks.

  • Provider: Technology Agency of the Czech Republic / Technologická agentura ČR (TA ČR)
  • Investigator: Ondřej Ditrych 
  • Co-investigator: Hana Kubátová, FSV 
  • Solution time: 1. 4. 2021 – 31. 12. 2023