03/10/2023 30 minutmin.

‘We Will Conquer the Motherland’: How Russian Nationalists in Exile Legitimise Their Fight Against Putin’s Regime

We are proud to present an academic paper written by our researcher Martin Laryš.

After the split amongst Russian nationalists in 2014 over their approach to events in Ukraine, many of them had to leave Russia to avoid repression. Some travelled to Ukraine to support the Ukrainians in their fight against pro-Russian rebel proxies. How do these Russian nationalists legitimise their fight against Putin’s regime and the Russian state? This article argues that their refusal to accept the legitimacy of the Russian state and their linking of Putin’s authoritarian regime to Soviet totalitarianism allow them to legitimise their oppositional political activities, including their involvement in the conflict on the Ukrainian side up to and including the February 2022 invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

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