Russian energy discourse on the V4 countries

IIR researcher Lukáš Tichý has just published an article co-authored with Zbyněk Dubský in a prestigious peer-rewieved journal, Energy Policy. The article explores the energy relations between the Russian Federation and the V4 countries.

The focus, however, is not on the technical and institutional aspects of the relationship, but rather on the discursive approach that determines the prevailing interpretations of the relationship by the two parties. The aim of this article is to analyze and interpret the content and main themes of the Russian energy discourse on the energy relations with the V4 countries, as well as Russia's perception of V4 countries in 2008–2018. At the methodological level, the article is based on discourse analysis as the main method through which the content of the Russian energy discourse on the energy relations with the V4 countries is examined and analyzed. The main sources of data for the discourse analysis are the official statements and press releases published by the central authorities of the RF and the speeches and interviews of political representatives of Russia.

This work was supported by the Grantová agentura České republiky/ Grant Agency of the Czech Republic [grant number: 18-00902S] under the title “The Internal and External Dimension of the EU Actorness in the Energy Relations with Russia and Alternative Suppliers”.

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