11/08/2021 45min.

The external energy actorness of the EU towards Egypt

The economy of the EU is heavily dependent on imported energy. So, a diverse and secured energy supply is essential. This article aims to apply the concept of external actorness to an analysis of EU energy relations towards Egypt in 1995–2020, emphasizing the related potential for strengthening energy security.

Our researchers, Lukáš Tichý, Zbyněk Dubský and Jan Mazač applied the concept of external actorness and examined three main criteria of the modified concept: consistency and specificity of the external energy policy and its goals and interests, the diplomatic apparatus and policy tools, and external recognition of the EU energy actorness by third parties.

The research team emphasizes the potential for strengthening energy security in the EU–Egypt cooperation yet classifies the EU’s perception of Egypt as a partial energy actor.