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2018 – Future of Europe

The Czech Council on Foreign Relations in cooperation with the Institute of International Relations Prague and the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung is pleased to announce an international art contest on the topic of “2018 – The Future of Europe.” Students of colleges and universities focussing on art can express their opinion on this issue via a poster design. The students can, in a creative way, transfer their vision to a poster of 100 x 70 centimetres. This required format is the same for all the participants. The resulting works of art will be seen as impulses and sources of inspiration for starting a public debate connected to the subject of the contest.

This art contest focuses on the future, above all on the vision of the future world in which we would like to live. In today’s European society we lack long-term visions and conceptual approaches. Sustainable development is the way the European Union decided to go, but the meeting of its goals is not sufficient in many ways.

This year the Czech Republic commemorates the 100th anniversary of the declaration of Czechoslovakia and others historical occurrences connected with number eight. Simply put, the number eight played a significant and symbolic role in modern Czech history. Discussing history has its importance, of course, but such a discussion is also an opportunity to learn from all these past events and positively influence the future. Therefore, we use a «lying eight» as a symbol for the future and infinity.

Hence, we are curious about your vision of the future of Europe, or the Europe you would like to live in. The future time you would like to focus on is up to you. Your subject can be the Europe of tomorrow, but also Europe tens or hundreds of years from now. You can freely use your imagination without any limits! If we know in what kind of Europe we would like to live in in the future, we can start to act accordingly right now.

The Czech Council on Foreign Relations considers this contest to be a continuation of its previous international art contests:

European Identity – 2006

The Balkans’ Perception of European Identity – 2007

Europe Without Barriers – 2008

Migration to Europe – 2010

Students of 40 art faculties from 16 European countries took part in these contests, in total amoun to 616 participants.

Exhibition cities: Athens, Belgrade, Bratislava, Brno, Prague, Brussels, Budapest, Hague, Islamabad, Madrid, New York, Paris, Pilsen, Podgorica, Sarajevo, Skopje, Stockholm.

You can find more information about these projects on

Guarantors of project:

Ondřej Melena – TCCFR,, phone: +420 737 372 092,

Karel Míšek – UJEP


Embassy of the Czech Republic in Paris

Supporters of project:

University of West Bohemia

Tomas Bata University in Zlín

Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem

Requirements for participants in the „2018 - The Future of Europe“ art contest:

You have to be a student of an art college or university to be able to take part in the contest.

Your submitted work has to be relevant to the theme of the contest, i.e. “2018: The Future of Europe”, as described above.

Your work must not promote the violation of human rights and freedoms, and also must not promote hatred towards other people based on national, racial, class or religious differences and divergences.

The Czech Council on Foreign Relations is entitled to use all submitted designs in the implementation of the contest and the subsequent presentation of its outcomes.

All participants in the contest are to agree that their designs will be printed out and published in a catalogue, shown at exhibitions of the Czech Council on Foreign Relations and shown in the media to achieve all the goals of the contest. In case of any questions, you can contact the organisers via

Assignment rules:

a) The submitted work should be a poster design of 100 x 70 centimetres in PDF format with 300 dpi, the CMYK colour variety and crop marks with a 3 millimetre bleed

b) One participant can submit only one design. c) Every participant has to fill in online application form and submit his work. An independent jury of 5 to 7 members will choose the best works. Outcomes: A) prizes 1st prize: 600€ 2nd prize: 400€ 3rd prize: 320€

c) exhibition of selected posters B) a printed catalogue of all the submitted designs Deadline: fill in online application form and submit your work to May 8th 2018, till 24:00.

An independent jury of 5 to 7 members will choose the best works.


A) prizes

1st prize: 600€

2nd prize: 400€

3rd prize: 320€

B) exhibition of selected posters

C) a printed catalogue of all the submitted designs


Based on the multiple request from schools we have decided to extend the deadline. Please fill in the online application form and submit your work to by May 31st 2018, till 24:00.

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