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Assoc. Prof. Emil Aslan is now the research director at the IIR

Associate Professor Emil Aslan, Ph.D. has become the new research director at the IIR.

Emil graduated from the Institute of Political Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University (M.A. and Ph.D. in International Relations) and from the Institute of Humanities, Saint Petersburg State Polytechnic University (LL.M.). Thanks to a Fulbright fellowship, he spent two semesters in 2006-2007 as a research fellow at the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University.

Emil’s current research lies at the intersection of political science, sociology, and IR as he focuses on asymmetric and irregular conflicts with emphasis on the micro-dynamics of violence. Geographically, his interest is in the post-Soviet space, partially also Turkey and Iran.

Emil has published six English-language monogaphs (Palgrave Macmillan, Strategic Studies Institute/US Army War College, American Foreign Policy Council); approx. 35 journals in leading international impacted journals, incl. top journals in the field of political science (World Politics, International Security); security studies (Terrorism and Political Violence, Journal of Strategic Studies); area studies (Post-Soviet Affairs, Europe-Asia Studies; Middle Eastern Policy, Third World Quarterly, Problems of Post-Communism); ethnic and migration studies (Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, Ethnicities), etc. In addition, Emil has authored dozens of peer-reviewed and analytical articles, monogaphs, and volumes.