Ukrainian Feminists' Responses to the Russian Invasion

We would like to cordially invite you to a debate "Ukrainian Feminists' Responses to the Russian Invasion" organized by the Heinrich Böll Foundation Prague and the Institute of International Relations Prague. Our guests Anna Dovgopol, Oksana Potapova, Yosh, and Tamara Zlobina will discuss gendered aspects of Russia´s aggression and the many insecurities it embodies for women. The debate will be chaired by Míla O'Sullivan.

4. 5. 2022 (13:00)

Language: English Online

With Russia’s unlawful invasion of Ukraine, the masculinity of war has come to the forefront of international politics, reinforcing the traditional narrative and gendered responses to the war. Ukrainian women have used their voices and agencies to actively challenge these on many fronts. In international responses to the invasion, however, the perspectives of Ukrainian feminists have been still marginalized.

This event aims to foreground the feminist voices from Ukraine and allow for exposing the gendered aspects of Russia’s aggression and the many insecurities it embodies for women. What does feminism mean for them in the reality of the Russian invasion? How is insecurity now perceived by local women and how to mitigate it? How are they trying to save lives, towns and communities? What do they need for it right now and in a long-term perspective? What does peace mean to Ukrainian women? How can the international (feminist) actors follow the lead of Ukrainian women and accentuate their voices?

The seminar will take place on Zoom, where participants may actively join the debate. It will be live-streamed on our Facebook page. To participate, please register below.


The debate is organized in cooperation with the Heinrich Böll Foundation Prague.

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