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EU Political Discourse on the Energy Security Relations with Russia

The article explores the energy security relations of the European Union with the Russian Federation through the prism of the political discourse. It identifies key formations and topics related to the concept of security.

Drawing on a detailed discourse analysis of 339 statements, interviews, speeches, press releases, and documents produced by EU political leaders and institutions, the article focuses on (a) the basic themes of EU political discourse on the energy security relations with Russia and (b) the perception of Russia by the European Union. The majority of the documents used in the article come from 2010 to 2019, the period of the second Barroso Commission and the Juncker Commission. At the theoretical level, the article is focused on the relationship between the main concept, political discourse, and security.

You can find the article on the followig link: EU political discourse on the energy security relations with Russia

This work was supported by the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic [Grant number: 18-00902S] under the title “The Internal and External Dimension of the EU Actorness in the Energy Relations with Russia and Alternative Suppliers.”

About the author: Lukáš Tichý, PhD., is Head of the IIR's Centre for Energy Policy and a Senior Researcher at our Institute. He focuses on issues concerning the energy security, discourse analysis, terrorist attacks on energy sectors, energy security and policy of the Middle East and North Africa countries and foreign and security policies of the EU and Russia.