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The Institute for International Relations Prague will participate in the Week of Science and Technology organized by the Czech Academy of Sciences. There will be an excursion around the building of the institute, and a wide range of workshops on different topics related to international relations will take place. The event will take place on November 1, 2016. Everyone interested is warmly welcome!

9. 11. 2016 (19:00)

Tento obsah není aktuální Institute of International Relations Prague, Nerudova 3

19:00-20:00 Panel in English

The English panel is focused not only at the foreign visitors, though the main actors of this workshop will be our colleagues from Great Britain and Hungary. They will share their views on the future of Europe and asymmetric wars. The panel will be closed by the new researcher at the Institute for International Relations and the world's top expert on Russia Mark Galeotti with his thoughts on whether Russia will be a prisoner of its own history even in the year 2036.

Benjamin Tallis: Making Europe (inte-) Great Again: Recovering Europe´s Lost Future(s)

Tammás Lattmann: Asymmetric Warfare and New Type of Conflicts: Will the ClassicLaws of War Still Be Applicable?

Mark Galeotti: Russia 2036: Still a Prisoner of Its History?

The rest of the seminars are held in Czech. You can find the full program and the list of our researchers in Czech here.

Our English speaking researchers and areas of their interest

Benjamin Tallis

                  • European Security
                  • Borders and the Politics of Bordering
                  • Critical Geopolitics and Political Geography
                  • Central & East European Politics
                  • Post-communism and the Politics of Transition
                  • EU Foreign & Security, Neighbourhood and JHA Policy
  • Cultural Politics, particularly Architectural and Material Politics of Memory
  • Critical Pragmatism and Interpretive Research Methodology

Tamás Lattman

                  • International public law
                  • International humanitarian law
                  • International human rights law
                  • Modern international criminal fora
                  • European public law
  • European Union institutions and law

Mark Galeotti

                  • Russian domestic and foreign policy
                  • Russian security affairs
                  • Russian and Soviet history
                  • Transnational and organised crime
                  • Intelligence and covert operations
                  • Military and non-military security challenges

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