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New Perspectives 1/2015


Benjamin Tallis

Research Articles

  • The Literary Exception: Reflections on Agamben’s “Liberal Democratic” Political Theology and the Religious Destabilisation of the Political in Our Time
    Johan van der Walt
  • “Germany”, Asset Class Contagion, and Contagious Stability
    Sascha Engel
  • Czech Public Opinion on Turkey’s Accession to the EU: An Analysis through the Lenses of Sociological and Discursive Institutionalism
    Pelin Ayan Musil
  • Party Politics Triumph over Substantive Scrutiny and Principled Policy: Examining Czech MPs' Voting Behaviour in EU Affairs Scrutiny
    Martin Kuta


  • Deter and Engage: Making the Case for Harmel 2.0 as NATO’s New Strategy
    Ulrich Kühn
  • Forum: Responses to Russia and the World, 2015 IMEMO Forecast
    • Russia and the World 2015: Avoiding the Polarisation of Europe
      Derek Averre
    • The IMEMO Forecast, 2015: A Bridge Over Troubled Waters?
      Vladimír Handl
    • IMEMO, Russia and the Interdependent World: Hope Between Rocks and Hard Places?
      Egbert Jahn
    • ImMEMOrised Decline: The Price of Neglecting History
      Iver B. Neumann