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Vol 54, No 2, new issue of Czech Journal of International Relations

Dear readers, we have published a new issue of Czech Journal of International Relations. This issue presents three research articles focused on topics related to Central Europe. The articles analyse women’s position in Czech IR, development of Russian representation in the UN administration and how security and threat are constructed at Václav Havel Airport Prague. Also, this issue features three book reviews of recent scholarly publications. 

The Czech Journal of International Relations, Vol 54, No 2, brings 3 expert articles and 3 book reviews.

The first article, International Relations in the Czech Republic: Where Have All the Women gone?, written by Blanka Nyklová, Kateřina Cidlínská and Nina Fárová, focuses on the reasons for the dearth of women among international relations researches in the Czech Republic and on possible consequences of this lack. Using the conceptual framework of Sandra Harding’s gendered universe, authors point out main obstacles which affect gender inequality in Czech IR, ponder the wider implications of the present situation for the field of IR, and suggest some measures to remedy it.

The second research article, Central and Eastern Europe and the Decline of Russia in the UN Administrative Bodies: 1996-2015 is written by Michal Parízek and Ekaterina Ananyeva. The article explores how has the position of Russian representation in the administrative bodies of the UN changed since the end of the Cold War and also how have other Central and Eastern European states fared in this regard. The article shows that Russia has suffered major losses in its shares of positions in the secretariats of UN bodies over last two decades. While it retains a powerful position in the UN Security Council, in the day-to-day work of the UN administrations it has been losing its positions more than any other country.

Sarah Komasova, author of Threat and Security Production at Václav Havel Airport Prague, explores security practices at the Prague airport. Using her own experience as an employee of the airport she utilises Actor-Network Theory to describe how travellers’ and employees’ perceptions of security and threat differentiate based on current security practices and technological solutions.

The three new book reviews in the new issue are: