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CfP: The EU policies of Central and Eastern European states

Mezinárodní vztahy / Czech Journal of International Relations workshop 23.9.2019, 15.45-17.15.

Following the turbulent decade defined by various crises, recent years have witnessed a renewed interest in the debate on the future of the EU as well as in new forms of cooperation between EU member states. As new initiatives are introduced in areas spanning from defence to development, member states’ approaches to them and their preferences vary as ever. Where do the Central and Eastern European (CEE) states see themselves in the future EU, what kind of EU do they want, and how they want to achieve it?

The panel seeks to go beyond a mere focus on the CEE states as the ‘trouble-makers’ of the EU and explore how are their European policies formed on the national level as well as in interaction with their sub-regional and regional partners. Held within the framework of the International Symposium “Czech Foreign Policy,” the workshop aims to be an academic counterpart to the policy- and politics-oriented discussions in the main part of the symposium.

The papers presented at the workshop might be considered for the upcoming issues of Mezinárodní vztahy / Czech Journal of International Relations. The workshop is mainly (but not solely) interested in both empirical and theoretical contributions which would explore CEE states’ policies and preferences in the following areas:

  • Mechanisms of formation and coordination of EU policies on both national and international level
  • Approaches to the potential enlargement of the EU
  • Migration and asylum policies
  • Defence cooperation and Permanent Structured Cooperation
  • Politics of contributions to CSDP missions and initiatives
  • Single market and economic and monetary union preferences
  • Future of the EU as a polity, preferences regarding institutional reform, including preferences towards mechanisms of differentiated integration
  • Post-Brexit cooperation with the UK as seen from the CEE

The deadline for the submission of abstracts (max. 250 words) is July 19, 2019. If interested, please send your abstract to daniel@iir.cz.