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Bosses, Soldiers and Rice Grain

Prestigious impacted journal Europe-Asia Studies published article written by our researcher, Miroslav Nožina, and Filip Kraus, our collaborator from National Chia Tung University, Taiwan.

"Bosses, Soldiers and Rice Grains. Vietnamese Criminal Networks and Criminal Activities in the Czech Republic"

Since 1975, the numbers of Vietnamese living in Europe have steadily increased. As new emigrants appeared in various countries, new types of crime came with them. Also in the Czech Republic, where a relatively large Vietnamese diaspora has been in existence since communist times, numerous Vietnamese criminal networks were established. The Vietnamese networks have a specific structure and modus operandi. Their bosses create parallel power structures within the Vietnamese diaspora and frequently merge together legal and illegal activities. The Vietnamese criminal networks are engaged in a broad spectrum of criminal activities, including economic crime, people smuggling and trafficking in drugs.

You can find more information and the article here.

You can read the preprint of the article here.