New issue of the journal New Perspectives - Vol 31, No 3, 2023

Dear Readers, Issue Three of New Perspectives 2023 is now out, hosting a debate on academic boycotts and the War in Ukraine.

As the War continues to wreak havoc on human security, the world economy and create deep uncertainty across Central and Eastern Europe, it is perhaps only natural that academic debates have turned to the contributions that scholars themselves might make to the conflict and its resolution. Academics across Europe are asking pressing questions about how academic cooperation must respond to the war, and we include a discussion amongst some leading voices in this issue.

The issue begins with Judas Everett exploring Russian behaviour after 2014 following Ukraine’s 2014 Maidan revolution. He argues that a mishmash of aggression and inaction or even restraint characterised the period prior to the War in Ukraine. Next we have an exploration of the discourse of the Right wing in Poland, by Marcin Kosman, examining Krzysztof Bosak’s strategies on Twitter. Thirdly we have Katherine Hallin, setting out the methodological guidelines for Leader Trait Analysis in the Russian language, focussing on the speeches of Vladimir Putin. Then the issue turns to the debate about academic boycotts and the War in Ukraine. Convened by Anni Kangas and Sirke Makinen, and with contributions from Dmitry Dubrovskiy, Judith Pallot, Svetlana Shenderova, Gleb Yarovoy and Oksana Zabolotna, the forum explores the challenging question – can academic cooperation with Russia continue whilst the war is ongoing?

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