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EU-Russia Energy Relations - A Discursive Approach

The new book by Lukáš Tichý, Head of our Centre for Energy Policy, published by Springer explores the timely topic of energy security and international relations between the European Union and the Russian Federation.

The book pursues a constructivist-discursive approach, it empirically analyses a corpus of energy discourses involving policymakers and representatives of the EU and the Russian Federation. Moreover it explores various discursive meanings assigned to the material and technical character of the EU-Russian energy relations. The monograph underscores how the identities and interests of both parties are strongly affected by the norms and values which frame the individual energy discourses.

Publication can be found and bought here: EU-Russia Energy Relations - A Discursive Approach

About the author: Lukáš Tichý, PhD., is Head of the IIR's Centre for Energy Policy and a Senior Researcher at our Institute. He focuses on issues concerning EU–Russian relations, energy security, discourse analysis, terrorist attacks on energy sectors, foreign and security policies of the EU and Russia.