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New Issue of the New Perspectives


Editorial: Constellation to Constellation: Situation, Encounter & Doubt
Benjamin Tallis

Research Articles

  • (Inter)National Reconstruction: Revising Poststructuralist Encounters with the War in Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Tomáš Dopita
  • The Foreign Policy of the Baltic States and the Ukrainian Crisis: A Case of Europeanization?
    Maili Vilson

Review Essay

  • On New Travels in Space-Time: Theoretical Rediscoveries after the Crisis in (Comparative) Capitalism(s)
    Daniel Šitera


  • Russia and the World: 2016 IMEMO Forecast
    IMEMO, Russian Academy of Sciences

Forum: Responses to ‘Deter and Engage: Making the Case for Harmel 2.0 as NATO’s New Strategy’
Ulrich Kühn

  • The Harm in Harmel: What the Transatlantic Alliance Needs is a New Containment
    Ondřej Ditrych
  • Engage with Russia? Sure, Just Don't Throw the European Security Order under the Bus!
    Łukasz Kulesa
  • “Deter and Engage”: A New NATO Strategy for Taming Russia
    Irina Kobrinskaya
  • More Realism, Please! A Reply to Ditrych, Kulesa and Kobrinskaya
    Ulrich Kühn

Notes on Contributors