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Panorama 2017-2018

Lukáš Tichý and Jan Daniel each published a chapter in the newest issue of the publication Panorama of the Global Security Environment which is historically the most prestigious project of Central European security and foreign policy community with contributions from all continents. It is published annually and during the years became a standard reference source of security community in the region.

You can find the publication here.

Jan Daniel, Ph.D., is a senior researcher of the Institute of International Relations Prague and a member of the Centre for European Security. He specializes in topics concerning the Middle East and North Africa regions (Lebanon, Syria, Algeria, Sahel region), armed non-state actors in international politics or international intervention.

Lukáš Tichý, PhD., is Head of the IIR's Centre for Energy Policy and a Senior Researcher at our Institute. He focuses on issues concerning the energy security, discourse analysis, terrorist attacks on energy sectors, energy security and policy of the Middle East and North Africa countries and foreign and security policies of the EU and Russia.