Prague European Summit 2016

The Prague European Summit (PES) is a regularly organised platform for a high-level strategic debate on the future of the European Union. Its goal is to look for common answers to the key challenges that Europe is facing in the economic, social, foreign-policy and institutional fields, and it will offer space for an informal dialogue among political representatives, high-ranking state officials, representatives of interest groups, businessmen, academicians and journalists.

6. 6. 2016 (14:00)

Lobkowicz Palace at Prague Castle, Jiřská 3, Prague 1

At this year´s summit, titled The European Union in a Time of Crisis: Better Together?, we will discuss topics such as Schengen, Euroscepticism, European identity, togetherness and values, Brexit and the impact of the U.S. presidential elections 2016 on transatlantic relations and more.

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Spolupráce / Záštita

European Values Think-tank, EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy. Partners: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, Office of the Government of the Czech Republic, Representation of the European Commission in the Czech Republic