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The Czech Republic - Kosovo’s Reluctant and Disengaged Recogniser

Tomáš Dopita published his new chapter in The Politics of Recognition and Engagement, a book published by the Palgrave Macmillan publishing house.

"Unlike its relations with the rest of the Western Balkan countries, the Czech Republic's relationship with independent Kosovo has been very complicated. For outside observers, the situation is difficult to understand. Although the Czech government recognized Kosovo's independence at the end of May 2008, President Václav Klaus disagreed with the decision and refused to appoint ambassador to Pristina. However, Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg opposed the President's opinion and ensured his ministry established diplomatic relationships with the Republic of Kosovo. This kind of contradiction seems to be a signature move in Czech foreign policy towards Kosovo."

You can buy the book or the chapter on the following link.

Tomáš Dopita, Ph.D. is a Senior Researcher at the Institute of International Relations Prague. His areas of interest include security, nationhood, statehood, and European integration in the Western Balkans, also poststructuralist theory and methodology in IR and gender equality and equal opportunities in development assistance and foreign service as well.