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The Greek Referendum on the Euro: Options and Implications

Policy brief on the Greek referendum by Emmanuel Sigalas who will be our new colleague from August.

The Greek government decided to call a referendum on the creditors’ 25 June 2015 proposals. It is effectively a crucial referendum that will influence Greece’s future in the Eurozone. The referendum suffers from a number of important problems, but the government is reluctant to back down. The policy brief discusses the three possible options and their implications: no referendum, the ›yes‹ vote prevails, the ›no‹ vote prevails. The author argues that the implications affect all Europe, and that the Greek problem needs to be studied in a new light.

Policy Recommendations:

  • The ‘yes’ vote should be encouraged, but discreetly.
  • The Greek crisis can only be overcome if political and historical parameters are also taken into account.
  • European leaders need to maintain an open mind while continuing to pursue the ideal of a united Europe.

Download the policy brief here.

The policy brief was published by the Austrian Society for European Politics on 2 July 2015.