Enacting the international: Editing journals in non-anglophone Europe

In cooperation with DoingIPS Network, we cordially invite you to the virtual roundtable on 1, December at 5 pm (CET).

1. 12. 2021 (17:00)


Knowledge production is always a situated practice not free from power-relations. Journal editing is a crucial practice in today’s academia that shapes knowledge of the international and plays a big role in defining what counts as ‘high-ranking’ knowledge. English journals that are edited largely by native speakers or people being trained in English speaking countries dominate journal rankings that are crucial for grants and promotions. However, there are also ‘national’ journals in most European countries that try to walk the line between providing an outlet for national knowledge production and contributing to international debates. Especially in the field of International Relations, this practice is not without its own contradictions and challenges.

This roundtable brings together people editing IR journals in different European countries to discuss these challenges as well as exchange best practices. The idea is to have a productive dialogue with respect towards individual context and decisions. The idea is not to find the one or the best way to edit these journals. We aim at providing more visibility to the journals, reflect on differences they (seek to) make in understanding IR and promote anti-hegemonic ways of knowledge production.


- Jan Daniel (Institute of International Relations Prague)
- Diego Crescentino (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)
- Monique Beerli-Jacques (Université de Lausanne)
- Chair: Linda Monsees (Institute of International Relations Prague)

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