3. 12. 2020

Czech Foreign Policy in 2007–2009: An Analysis

ISBN 978-80-86506-90-6, 388 stran, rok vydání: 2010

„What was the Czech foreign policy like during the years 2007–2009 and why?“

The team of authors from the Institute of International Relations (IIR) and other partner institutions has been looking for answers to these questions in the book „Czech Foreign Policy 2007-2009“.

This book intends to become the first volume of English-written deep analyses of the Czech foreign policy regularly published by the Institute of International Relations. The project aims to offer a long-term and continual analysis of the development of the Czech foreign policy in various areas: its ideational background, concrete agenda and events, the infl uence and involvement of various actors and the overlap of the Czech foreign policy with the media and public spheres. In order to reach this goal, a firm analytical framework for the book as well as for all individual chapters was designed.


Czech Foreign Policy in 2007–2009: An Analysis

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