31. 8. 2023 15min.

Netanyahu willing to allow Saudi nukes in exchange for normalization

Our researcher Azriel Bermant explained, in his article for Foreign Policy, what the current efforts to normalize Saudi-Israeli relations could bring concerning Israeli national security.

The Saudi government in Riyadh is insisting it should be permitted to enrich uranium as part of a civil nuclear program. Reports from Israel are now pointing to increasing alarm within the security establishment over the possibility that Saudi nuclear enrichment is a price Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is willing to pay for a normalization deal that would secure his political legacy.

This flies in the face of Israel’s long-standing attempts to prevent other countries in the region from acquiring any nuclear capability. This policy became known as the Begin Doctrine, named after then-Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin, who famously authorized the bombing of Iraq’s Osirak nuclear reactor in June 1981.

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