Announcing the Winter Semester program of the IIR Critical Studies Seminar

12th International Symposium "Czech Foreign Policy"

The Institute of International Relations is looking forward to hosting the 12th International Symposium on "Czech Foreign Policy" with the topic "Building Sustainable Connections". You can look forward to many interesting speakers and intriguing debates. The conference will be held on 8th of October 2020.

8. 10. 2020 (9:00)


Please register by clicking on the following to watch the event and participate via comments. After the registration, you will receive two links for the live stream (one link for each stage).


Please, note that the programme is subject to change and it will be updated continuously until 8 October 2020.


Program Coordinator:  Dr Alica Kizekova

Logistics: Conference Service

Media Contact: Petra Schwarz Koutska


Project is supported by Ministry of Foreign Affaits, Czech Republic and U.S. Embassy in Prague. 

Den 1 8. 10. 2020

12th International Symposium "Czech Foreign Policy"

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, U.S. Embassy in Prague

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