Petr Kratochvíl Co-authored The Causes of Peace: What We Know Now

Petr Kratochvíl Co-authored book by Asle Toje and Bard Nikolas Vik Steen The Causes of Peace: What We Know Now. He was invited to Norwegian Nobel Institute on the occasion of the Nobel Peace Award Ceremony to speak about the connection between institutions, political order, and peace. The book, which was made as a collection of contributions by some of the world´s greatest thinkers is an indispensable guide for anyone who wants to know more about international peace. Kratochvíl contributed to the book together with the other co-authors among whom are such famous scholars as Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Niall Ferguson, Paul Collier, Paul F. Diehl or Richard New Lebow.

The Causes of Peace: What We Know Now take on the role (domestic) institutions can play in international relations, based on a critical engagement with the vast institutionalist literature in the field of international relations. Petr Kratochvíl contributed to this book with chapter Can Domestic Institutions Destroy the International Order?