5. 4. 2022 10min.

Germany Has Never Been a Pacifist Power

Wikimedia Commons

Germany has been repeatedly criticised for its supposed pacifist foreign policy, especially in relation to Russia. Our research director Jakub Eberle argues in Foreign Policy that this is only a convenient myth, as Germany has never been a pacifist power and always prepared for war.

"It is not pacifism but rather the liberal assumptions about the ineffectiveness of military force and the virtues of diplomacy, trade, and fiscal discipline that Germany is now questioning. Deeply rooted in Berlin’s political culture, these assumptions are unlikely to vanish overnight. Germany’s search for a new place in the world is likely to be much more painful—and slower—than many would like to see. While Germany has never been a pacifist power, it may not be ready to become a traditional military power just yet, either."

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